(limited availability on all MFP and Printers)

Black & White A3 Multifunction Up To 11″ x 17″

CS 3212i

CS 4003i

CS 5003i

CS 6003i

CS 7002i

ECOSYS M4125idn

ECOSYS M4132idn

COLOR  A3 Multifunction Up To 11″ x 17″

ECOSYS M8124cidn

CS 2553ci

ECOSYS M8130cidn

CS 3253ci

CS 3553ci

CS 4053ci

CS 5053ci

CS 6053ci

CS 8353ci / 9003i Series

Black & White A4 Multifunction Up To 8.5″ x 14″

ECOSYS M2635dw / M2040dn / M2540dw_2640idw

ECOSYS M3145idn / 3645idn / 3655idn / 3660idn

ECOSYS M3860idn / M3860idnf

COLOR A4 Multifunction Up To 8.5″ x 14″

ECOSYS M5521cdw / M5526cdw

CS 308ci / 358ci Series

ECOSYS M6630cidn

CS 356ci

ECOSYS M6235cidn

ECOSYS M6635cidn

CS 406ci



CS 8001i      Detailed Specifications

CS 6501i      Detailed Specifications

CS 6002i      Detailed Specifications

CS 5501i      Detailed Specifications

CS 4501i      Detailed Specifications

CS 3501i      Detailed Specifications

CS 3510i      Detailed Specifications

CS 3010i      Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS FS-6530MFP                         Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS FS-6525MFP                         Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS M3560idn                              Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS M3550idn                              Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS M3540idn                              Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS M3040idn                              Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS FS-3640MFP                         Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS FS-3540MFP                         Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS FS-3140MFP+                       Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS M2535dn                                Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS FS-1135MFP                          Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS M2035dn                               Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS FS-1035MFP/DP                   Detailed Specifications

CS 255                                                   Detailed Specifications

CS 300i x                                              Detailed Specifications

CS 7551ci                                              Detailed Specifications
CS 6551ci                                              Detailed Specifications
CS 5551ci                                              Detailed Specifications
CS 4551ci                                              Detailed Specifications
CS 3051ci                                              Detailed Specifications
CS 3551ci                                              Detailed Specifications

CS 2551ci                                              Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS FS-C8525MFP                       Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS FS-C8520MFP                       Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS M6526cidn                             Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS FS-C2626MFP                        Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS M6035cidn                            Detailed Specifications

CS 7551ci                                              Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS FS-C2526MFP                       Detailed Specifications

CS 6551ci                                              Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS M6526cdn                              Detailed Specifications

ECOSYS FS-C2126MFP                      Detailed Specifications

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