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Konica Minolta’s award-winning bizhub office color MFPs offer cost-effective, high-performance, high-value document management solutions for any office setting.  The bizhub office product line delivers a broad range of print/copy/scan/fax speeds and advanced finishing options, as well as security features that can be customized to meet the demands of any office. With their compact and cost-effective design, Konica Minolta’s B&W bizhub office MFPs deliver high-speed output, low-cost operation and all-in-one functionality for small- to mid-sized business departments and workgroups.  Highly versatile devices, these bizhub MFPs can be configured with a number of modular finishing options — sorting and grouping, stapling, two- and three-hole punching and saddle-stitch booklet making — to fit your company’s needs.

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Black & White Multifunction Office Systems

Product Line At-A-Glance

**NEW **  i SERIES

Bizhub 360i/300i                           360i 300i spec. sheet

Bizhub 650i/550i/450i                   650i 550i 450 i spec sheet

Bizhub 750i                                   750i spec. sheet


Bizhub 308e                                  308e Spec. Sheet

Bizhub 368e                                  368e Spec. Sheet

Bizhub 367/287/227                   Download spec. sheet           
Bizhub 364e/284e/224e           364e 284e 224e spec. sheet

Bizhub 458e                                  458e Spec. Sheet

Bizhub 554e/454e                       554e 454e spec. sheet

Bizhub 558e                                 558e Spec. Sheet

Bizhub 658e                                 658e Spec. Sheet

Bizhub 754e/654e                       754e/654e Spec. Sheet

Bizhub 808                                   808 Spec. Sheet

Bizhub 958                                   958 Spec. Sheet

COLOR Multifunction Office Systems

**NEW **  i SERIES                   i SERIES Brochure

Bizhub C360i/C300i/ C250i     C360i/C300i/C250i Spec. Sheet  

Bizhub C650i/C550i/C450i       C650i/C550i/C450i spec sheet

Bizhub C750i                            C750i spec. sheet


Bizhub C308/C258                     C308/C258 spec. sheet

Bizhub C364e/C284e/C224e    c364e c284e c224e spec. sheet

Bizhub C458                                 C458 Spec. Sheet

Bizhub C558                                 C558 Spec. Sheet

Bizhub C554e/C454e                  c554e c454e spec. sheet

Bizhub C658                                 C658 Spec.Sheet

Bizhub C659                                 C659 Spec. Sheet

Bizhub C759                                 C759 Spec. Sheet

Bizhub C764e/C654e                  c754e c654e spec. sheet

Compact MFP Black & White

Bizhub 28e                                   28e Spec. Sheet

Bizhub 4052                                 4052 Spec. Sheet

Bizhub 4752                                 4752 Spec. Sheet

Bizhub 4750/ 4050                    4750 4050 spec. sheet

Bizhub 4050i                              4050i spec. sheet

Bizhub 4750i                              4750i spec. sheet

COLOR   Compact MFP

Bizhub C3320i                              C3320i spec. sheet

Bizhub C3350                               C3350 spec. sheet

Bizhub C3850                               c3850 spec. sheet

Bizhub C4050i/C3350i              C4050i/C3350i Spec. Sheet

Multifunction Printers Black and White

Bizhub 3622/4020i/4422/5020i          Spec. Sheet

Single Function Printers Black and White

Bizhub 3300P/4000P/4700P   4700P 4000P 3300P Spec. sheet

Bizhub 3602P                          bizhub 3602P Spec Sheet

Bizhub 4000i                            Bizhub 4000i Spec. Sheet

Bizhub 4402P                               4402P Spec. Sheet

Bizhub 5000i                               5000i Spec. Sheet

COLOR   Single Function Printers

Bizhub C3110/C3100P                 c3110 c3100p spec sheet

Bizub  C4000i                                Bizhub C4000i Spec. Sheet

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